1. How can I receive the latest news about blue ice and its products ?

You can simply subscribe to our newsletter here to be the first in the know about our new products, our sales and special events.

2. How can i un-subscribe to the newsletter?

We’re disappointed to see you leaving. You only have to click on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of our most recent newsletter and you will be automatically removed from our mailing list.

3. I like the brand and would like to receive a product catalog and/or stickers ?

Thank you for your interest in our brand. Please send us an email to media.eu@blueice.com and we will come back to you.

4. I’m a journalist and would like to receive more information about blue ice ?

Thank you for your interest in our brand. Our marketing will be happy to assist. Please send us an email to media.eu@blueice.com and we will come back to you.

5. I’m a retailer and i want to sell blue ice products ?

Thank you for your interest in our brand. Please send an email to our sales team and they will come back you within 72 hours.

6. I’m an athlete and i would like to be sponsored by BLUE ICE ?

Thank you for your interest in our brand. We received a lot of sponsorship requests and we try to answer all of them. We will ask you to send an email to our marketing team and we will contact you if your application has drawn its attention.

7. I would like to work for BLUE ICE. Do you have any job opening ?

We encourage you to visit our employment page. You may also visit our Linkedin page to learn more about our company and job openings.

8. What is your csr policy ?

We are aware that as a brand we do not have a neutral impact. However, the preservation of the environment has been in our DNA since day one. We have a duty to protect our playground so that future generations can inherit it in the best possible condition. At our scale, we strive to integrate environmental responsibility into all levels of our business. For example, we are a member of 1% for the planet and, as such, we donate 1% of our profit each year to CREA Mont-Blanc and Mountain Wilderness. In addition, the Mont-Blanc Base Camp, the headquarters of BLUE ICE EUROPE was designed in compliance with the RT2012 standard. Our staff adopts daily actions to reduce our footprint: carpooling, use of recycled paper, creation of a participatory vegetable garden and a compost system, etc. Finally, our products are extremely robust, guaranteed for life and repairable, we favor robustness over disposable. We drastically reduce the use of plastic and polybags and favor recycled and recyclable materials. We also work a lot on our packaging, POS, goodies, etc. in order to have a positive social impact while minimizing our environmental impact. We favor materials sourced locally and/or recycled and/or upcycled and we produce locally when possible.

9. Are your products eco-produced ?

A large part of our products are safety equipment, so our priority remains to design the most robust, efficient and reliable products possible. However, we try to integrate eco-design at each development stage of our products, when it does not interfere with their final quality.

While trying to be the most responsible in our choices at all levels, in the case of production, we favor above all the places where the level of expertise is the highest.

Chamonix is ​​a world mountaineering spot, an ecosystem has been built around mountain practices. Industries and know-how are available nearby. Our American office is based in Salt Lake City, which also brings together the knowledge and services of mountain-related industries. Thus our European and American development offices are at the heart of skills, practices and playgrounds, which allows us to have the best facilities and talents.

These 2 destinations are at the heart of the playgrounds of our practices (mountaineering, climbing, mountain skiing, etc.). This allows us to easily test our products, immediately, nearby, without having to travel far. This also allows us to be at the heart of the communities of mountaineers, skiers and climbers that populate these destinations. We are thus closer to their expectations, their needs and can take advantage of a good panel of demanding testers!