Helias Millerioux, is a French mountain guide and top-level alpinist, but also an extreme skier and a fan of big waves. He has been with us as an ambassador from the very beginning. Here is a little bit of background to help you get to know this multi-talented athlete.

His philosophy

"I don’t have a mentor or an idol. I admire certain accomplishments and the climbing careers of certain alpinists, but the mountains are about living your own adventure with your friends. One of the most important things for me is the relationship you can have with your climbing partners, and all of those intense moments you share up there."

His background

Originally from Paris, Helias, aka “the Kurd,” discovered the mountains early, while on holiday in the Vanoise region. Later it was his local climbing club that led him to more technical terrain: first Fontainebleau, then multi-pitch rock routes, and eventually north faces. Hélias is fully invested in this all-consuming passion.

Over a period of eight years, he was a member of the French mountaineering federation’s national team, went on five successful high-end expeditions, and completed his guide’s training. He eventually moved to Chamonix to work as a mountain guide, but he is only home a couple of months out of the year, with the rest of his time divided between faraway expeditions, steep skiing, climbing, and of course surfing.

Our meeting

Helias and Giovanni Rossi, the manager of Blue Ice, met in Chamonix. They hit it off well, went climbing together, discussed products, equipment, innovation… Hélias regularly tests new products, especially on expeditions. He has contributed to improvements made to the Yeti 50L pack and the Choucas harness. Helias’s relationship with Blue Ice has developed into one of exchange, trust, and friendship.

Our common values

• Commitment: big technical faces like Siula Chico in the Andes and Nuptse in the Himalayas require commitment and accepting a measure of risk. Working together with Hélias, Blue Ice has developed gear that is reliable and perfectly adapted for alpinism.

• Reliability: Helias is not a “consumer.” He prefers products that are durable and well designed, and will keep an item that works well for him as long as possible. Blue Ice designs its packs and harnesses with toughness and reliability as main concerns.